About TAZ, the 6 questions and Contacts

TAZ, the Art Zine is an amateur site that contains interviews and post about contemporary and modern art.
The interviews with the artists always placed with the usual formula of the six questions that every artist responds in a very personal and autonomous way, and are reported as they were written by the artist.

These are the six questions:

1) how do you approach to the job?

2) are you always satisfied with the final result? if not, what do you do?

3) where do you find the inspiration?

4) seeing at the world or is just something  inside of you?

5) What are your artistic preferences and and how do they influence you?

6) What’s your hobby?

If you are an artist and you’re available to answer six questions, please send an email with links and answers to pietrorotelligrafica@gmail.com.

or fill this form:

You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Thanks for being available.




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